We are proud AF of the lives changed with both physical and internal transformations through our coaching. Here are some of the things our clients have said about their coaches over the years, as well as some snapshots into their journeys.

Rachel is a no nonsense, tough love kind of coach. She’s straight forward, to the point and won’t sugar cost anything. However she also has your best interests in mind and will always look out for your overall well-being and push you to do better in and out of the gym.

I put off hiring a coach for an entire year because of gut-issues. Within 2 weeks … Rachel taught me about nutrient timing and the role of macros. Within 2 months … my gut-issues are under control, I’m stronger, I look SO GOOD, AND I feel incredible. Wtf. It’s impressive how educated she is on health and nutrition – and I MOSTLY love that she’s the type to want to find the root cause of an issue instead of just masking the symptoms, ***even if it takes longer***. My physical health is exceedingly better but our weekly checkins have genuinely helped my mental health too. She creates a very judgement-free space to be open with her about anything but also stays honest with me and pushes me to be better. I feel like she truly cares about her clients and wants us to win in all aspects of life, not just training.

I have been coached by Rachel for almost 2 years now and this by far the BEST coaching experience I have ever had. Coming from pervious coaches that have had an all or nothing kind of approach or “just trust the process” Rachel has opened my eyes to a different way of thinking in terms of macros and training. She is open to feedback and really wants her clients to succeed. My success as her client is her success. She has taught me that it is okay to ask questions and no question is off limits. Her sense of professionalism is unmatched and I truly believe that Rachel will be the coach that will make my goals and dreams come to life. She really does believe in me and in return I have started believing in myself. Rachel also is big on education as a coach and has even furthered her education in coaching and bodybuilding to help her clients succeed and put their health first!

Rachel is both inspiring as an athlete and a coach. I have been a fan since i entered the world of bodybuilding and wanted to step on stage as a figure competitor. I have been with Rachel for 2.5 years and have been positively challenged and supported both in the gym and in life. I couldn’t ask for a better human to be in my corner.